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Evomatic S.r.l. was founded in year 2000 by a group of experts in the branches of IT, automation and industrial process management..

Along the years our team grew in number, experience and commitment. Together with our customers and partners who trusted us, we have been able to design and deliver always new solutions and services, so as to cope with an everyday-changing and demanding market.

The development of our products and services, along with our effective commercial policy, led us to expand our market from merely local to a national horizon .

Evomatic stands out as a software house capable to penetrate into already structured businesses and to dialog with third-party hardware and software with no effort or significant changes, thus becoming a System Integrator.

Starting from feasability study straight to project realization, to after-sale support, we focus onto providing a specific and effective solution, so as to grant our customers a satisfying service.


Passion for IT and innovation in industrial processes

Passion for technology and innovation has been our engine since day one, granting us the commitment to provide our partner the latest solutions.

Making industrial processes safer, cheaper and more effective through automation

Up to 96% of our customers experienced a significant improvement of their company productivity and efficiency, once they started employing our products.

Integration with existing premises and systems

Thanks to the versatility of our multi-service platform and our devices, we are able to communicate with almost every existing system. You can therefore take advantage of our services with no need of significant changes to your company structure.


We want to provide our customers a top quality service, accompanying them through the delicate, but still fundamental digitalization process which forces us to radical changes in the way we look at company management and process organization. All this is compelling for the company to be able to survive and profitable in the long run, coping with a hyper-competitive and crowded scenario.

Our core values:

  1. Professionalism
  2. Customer satisfaction
  3. Our team's passion and commitment to our projects

Evomatic, since the very beginning, has made fuel out of its passion. And that fuel is still feeding the whole machine, pushing us to expand, find new customers and partners and taking risks, with the strong will to refine and improve what we sell, and the relationships with customers.

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